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Max Sleep Undisturbed

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Tech | 0 comments

Max Fashion is not just about fashion wear, but also fashionable nightwear! After all the day’s work, who wouldn’t want to have a great cozy couch on the bed?! Not just that, what if you had your favorite nightdress on and slept in it, dreaming night long! Well! That is the reason, Max Fashion has brought to you stylish, latest, relaxing, edgy, sexy sleepwear, here in Saudi Arabia.

A variety of fabrics have been brought into existence depending on the tastes of one another. Nightshirts, nightgowns, pajamas, sweatpants and shirts, long underwear and briefs, and other types of nightwear are on display at Max Fashion online store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Get a maximum price cut on your purchases, through Max Fashion Coupon Code, offered on Coupon KSA is very experienced in shelling out offers on various products and online sites and hence is most trusted for the services rendered.

Smurf Print Short Sleeves T-Shirt and Pajama Set

The printed T-shirt is in fact a nightwear piece of the set that is very easy and comfortable to slip in. One will find perfectly stitched fitting as there is no awkwardness felt on any spot. The shirt is short-sleeved but compensated by the full pajama that goes with it. The crew neck also covers fully enough to maintain warmness while going to bed. The pajama is fully covered with the smaller icons of the smurf print as found on the T-shirt, which gives a perfect matching set. Enjoy the night in this set, made of soft cotton and going soft on your sleep too!

All-Over Print Sleep Dress with V-neck and Long Sleeves

Printed with light-colored small floral images all over the light pink colored fabric, this sleep dress covers you till just above the knees or mid-thighs. Full-sleeved and therefore gives you comfy cozy sleep all through the night. The V-shaped ribbed neck is actually fastened with buttons, which otherwise opens up to the top of the midriff. Fully flowing from the shoulders to the opening below, the sleep dress gives you easy movements while in sleep, dreaming away. No disturbance, only sleep!

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Printed Night Gown with Short Sleeves

Light blue in color, helps you yawn down to the bed for a very good night’s sleep. The nightgown is calf-length and the sleeves cover you to your elbows, giving you a warm night in the bed. According to a few surveys, nightgowns are the most preferred among ladies, followed by pajamas, shorts, and T-shirts, for nightwear. The printed nightgown has a ribbed crew neck with buttons for a further opening down to the top of the midriff. While the gown from the bust down, is gathered at the bust, you have a nice waffled two-inch stripe just above the gathering. The design is apt to give your gown a good shape and not let it fully flow down freely. The sleeves are hemmed with zig-zag lace trim, while the opening at the bottom of the gown is blind hemmed.

Printed Sleepshirt with V-neck and Long Sleeves

Light-colored, with big-sized polka dots all over, this sleepshirt is worthy of finding its place in your wardrobe. It is a sort of blend between a shirt and a gown. The button placket running down from the V-neck gives it the shirt-like feel, while the length running down to the calves makes it the gown! The V-neck collar is lapeled all around with gathered stitch and the sleeves are long with double-layered cuffs. Feel sleepier in this sleep shirt and enjoy sleeping while you are warm within!

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Floral Print V-neck Robe with Waist Tie-up

Covered with floral motifs all over the light pink colored viscose fabric, the soft robe is a worthy possession, as it not only suffices as nightwear but also can be worn all day long. The robe is a wrap-over, with a long strip of looped cloth or sash around the waist to tie up the wrap in place. The knee-length robe forms a V-neck when wrapped around. The V-neck collar is broad hemmed and so are the long sleeves. The sleeves are quite loose and have flared openings at the broad hemmed cuffs. The rob is a must on your wardrobe for a feeling of fullness, free, airy, and roomy nightwear.

All-over Print Long Sleeves Sweatshirt and Pajama Set 

Made of elastane fabric, the sweatshirt is very soft and gentle on the skin. Not so tight not so loose, it gives a very splendid feeling to slip on and roll onto the bed for a warm sleep. The long and tapered sleeves provide warmth in cold surroundings, offering a tailored fit. The pajama or pajama conforms to the shirt sleeves, is tapered down to the ankles, and hugs the skin aptly.

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