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Best Induction Electric Cooktops (with FAQs)

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Tech | 0 comments

Induction electric cooktops are very practical in terms of size, functionality, and cost. These electric stoves can cook one, two or several meals at the same time, helping us in saving time and energy. Although 2-induction cooktops are not as popular as the ones with four stoves, they are useful for people who are short of money or live alone. In this sense, induction electric cooktops can help.

So, if you are alone and don’t need to prepare large amounts of food every time, this product is the way to go. Happily, they are not as sought as other cooking items, so they are easy to find on Amazon and eBay. Another factor to lean toward electric cooktops is their cooking speed. They use basic but top-notch technology to heat the food we put in them.

Before you buy one of these, ask yourself if you really need it at home and consider the meals you’re preparing on it. You also need to inquire into the best induction electric cooktop brands to have an idea of the electric stoves that can meet your expectations. The budget should not be a problem as the price of the most expensive cooktops is around $40.

Let’s review some of them. Make your choice.

Double electric hot burner cooktop Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF

The double electric hot burner cooktop Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF is a modern example of what a hi-tech electric burner is. Remember when stoves consisted only of coils? This model is not like them. This product is black, has two burners, and due to its structure, it is easy to clean. It has two dials to regulate the temperature and intensity of heat.

The EDB-302BF measures 18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65 inches and has two burners that are sealed. Such dimensions make them completely portable for home, work, school, wherever. If you want to run this equipment at its best for fast cooking, it will use 1500 Watts. The knobs are only intended for temperature control and not for other functions. This product is great to make pasta or soup.


Ideal to make some coffee in the carafe.

It keeps things warm.

Adaptable to any cookware.

It gets hot enough to make espresso.

More powerful when it comes to bringing liquids to boil.

It has good level controls to measure temperature and intuitively set up timing.

Durable and sturdy. It withstands many years of use.


Better used for re-heating or warming than for cooking.

Not perfect to boil water on it. Better use a kettle.

Dual electric cooktop NutriChef PKSTIND48

The Dual electric cooktop NutriChef PKSTIND48 I, for one, more trend-setting than the model above, Elite Gourmet EDB-302BF. This equipment has two heating panels that act as coils or burners. It is totally black and the design looks like it was intended for office use uniquely. Apart from the heating zones which are large-sized, it offers an LCD screen to configure temperature and a lock function to protect kids from getting burned or using the machine.

It likewise has multiple cooking modes. The NutriChef PKSTIND48 is very fast to fry eggs but also efficient to steam water and heat liquids. The dimensions of this machine are 14.18 x 23.63 x 2.64 inches and is made of glass and ceramic.


Quicker to heat elements – 1800 watts maximum.

It can be used at its maximum wattage safely.

It has a wealth of indicators that tell you when it is getting too hot and when it needs to be switched off.

It saves energy and switches to standby mode when it is not working.


Unfortunately, it is not compatible with some cookware items such as frying pans and heavy cast iron pots.

The NutriChef PKSTIND48 is very delicate. You shouldn’t leave any pots on it after finishing.

Not possible to control the temperature precisely despite its technology.

Kenyon B41515 2-burner cooktop

If you wanted something simple that helped you cook your meals, the Kenyon B41515 2-burner cooktop is a piece of equipment that does the trick.

This cooktop offers analog control on temperature and heat intensity. It is completely black with white bleaches and is made of ceramic. This product runs on a larger amount of watts and is 21 x 12 x 3.25 inches in width and length.

The machine features a temperature indicator that shows when it is hot or cool. Despite it is larger than other electric stove models, it is lighter than many weighing only 12 pounds. Its wattage is 2400, which means it is quicker to get things cooked. Plus, it has no batteries and has a beveled design that makes it more attractive. Ideal for small kitchens and for people on a tight budget.


It is very easy to install.

No issue to put it flush to the counter top.

Wiring long enough to make the installation in large surfaces.

It offers a real fire potential.

Ideal to transform the counter top.


You would need a specialist if you want to mount it into the top.

Not wired with a plug.

No support for 220.

More expensive than other similar cooktops.

Double Induction cooktop Cuisinart ICT-60

Most electric cooktops are black and this is not an exception to that rule.

This item measures 5.25 x 26.75 x 17 inches and it’s one of the lightest models with a weight of 11 kilograms. It also has two heating elements for fast and super fast cooking. What is appealing about this machine is the set of touch controls under the burners.

The Cuisinart ICT-60 is made of glass and it is designed for super fast cooking, meaning it excels at preparing liquid-based ingredients. It features 150-minute timers that prevent each burner from continuing functioning when nothing is on. It also includes automatic shut-off that switches off the machine 30 seconds after the pan is removed. It doesn’t consume so much energy and throws off less heat.


Not a danger for the countertop, as it gets cool quickly.

Only for super fast cooking.

Touch panel.

Automatic shut-off system.


It has several heat settings.

Stand-alone item.

Made to heat fast.

Fast enough to heat food for a large family.


No reset button (if the equipment stops working, restore it to the factory settings can be tricky).

Questionable durability. The case cracks easily.

Noisy fan.

The automatic shut-off can stop working sooner than expected.


What is an induction electric cooktop?

It is a machine that cooks faster than an oven or stove by using electric current directly to recipients. They don’t use gas and have no visible coils, so you need no matches to turn on the heat but only electricity. Induction electric cooktops are great to fry, stir-fry and heat liquids. The design is different, as it presents state-of-the-art flat plates. They are very easy to install in any kitchen.

Induction electric cooktops can have from one to 5 burners of different sizes to heat at different speeds. Most feature a digital panel, and if they don’t, they have a set of touch controls under the burners. So far, they come in a limited number of colors, which are white, gray, and black.

The price of the induction electric cooktops is higher than those that run on coils, but they are still within many people’s reach. Because they use electric current, they can only inflate the electricity bill. On the other hand, they can be completely digital or partially analogic with a pair of analog knobs for temperature and timer settings.

An induction electric cooktop will basically transfer the heat produced in its electromagnetic fields to the recipient.

Where to buy electric cooktops?

You can buy electric cooktops in every place where cookware is sold, but if you don’t want to go to a physical store, try purchasing from Amazon or eBay, which are the best-selling cookware shops. Another option is browsing online stores such as, homedepot,, and on Google and Bing. The last three focus more on these products.

How to clean an induction electric cooktop?

Always, clean the surface of the cooktop after preparing your meals.

Since most are black, they tend to get spotted with spills or vegetable oil. So, whenever you finish cooking, wait until the equipment gets cool, grab a sponge, dampen it a little bit, and clean the cooktop softly with that. Try not to use too much water when cleaning. It is advisable to rinse the sponge, wring it out, and then start cleaning.

Do not forget to unplug this item also. You can also use some type of cleaner. As cooktops are made to cook oil-based foods, wipe it with vinegar or lemon-based detergent. You can make your own detergent at home or buy a chemical detergent. Vinegar removes residue and spills from the surface much easier.

You may need to clean it more than once even when using a mixture of lemon and vinegar. Besides, do not use something that scratches the cooktop. These appliances scratch with scrapes and old sponges. Instead, use a half-dampened piece of cloth.

Max Sleep Undisturbed
Max Sleep Undisturbed

Max Fashion is not just about fashion wear, but also fashionable nightwear! After all the day’s work, who wouldn’t...