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by | Oct 30, 2022 | Learning | 0 comments

Learning a language at 6 is not the same as learning it when one is older. While it is easy for kids and teenagers to memorize language lessons and words, it gets tougher for grown-ups to do so. This is normal because this is how nature works. Either way, there are methods that streamline the process of learning languages online no matter the age.

Generally, people enroll in courses and go to institutes to learn a second language. The fact they need to take time out to go to school is time-consuming. That’s why some prefer to take classes online as if they were face-to-face classes. The costs of the two vary, and either of the two options can be free or pricey.

The good news is there are free courses and not all courses offered on the internet have high quotes. Some are even charge-free. Regarding quality, they are not coarse at all. Many students have even become polyglot through online courses.

These courses include almost the same levels as in traditional courses. They offer an intro level, an intermediate level, and an advanced one. Most of these courses also test students online along the way. The other benefit is they can be slotted into the schedule. They don’t consume time and students can learn at their own pace. The only thing you have to do is invest enough time, considering that mastering a language can’t be done from one day to the next.

Learning a language is important in today’s world. Many companies look for people who are bilingual at least. Regardless of your educational background or age, speaking a second language will always help.

Fortunately, many academies have banded together to provide online courses. Here are some places to become fluent in another language. (The following list will not only consider English but other languages as well).


Duolingo is not a course offered by an institute but an app compatible with Apple and Android that helps to learn language by playing. What makes Duolingo a great option is the free of cost and accessibility. Besides, it is addictive, as people take it as a game. If you were looking to learn a language online, Duolingo makes you such a self-educated folk.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a platform that covers a wide variety of languages. It is a free online course you can download to learn up to 48 languages, including Estonian, Persian, and Gaelic (have you ever heard of these languages before?). Open Culture is a multi-lingual course that teaches through textbooks, movies, videos, images, and audiobooks.

The program is not targeted at individuals only but also at businesses that seek training. It offers a set of programs mostly focused on listening. It has 1,200 movies to play and learn English online.

Open Culture thrives on donations, as it doesn’t bill anybody.


Livemocha is an E-learning tool that focuses on teaching English and Spanish, but it offers courses for other 33 languages too. It is a community, where people share in their own language while learning. With this tool, you can translate songs and learn a language by interpreting the lyrics.

It is completely free and hosts diverse languages such as Vietnamese and Turkish and some that are European.

The platform has gained ground to the extent it houses 12 million members from 196 different countries. This is too much. On Livemocha, you don’t have teachers, but millions of native speakers willing to help.


Babbel is an online language learning tool that combines technology and innovative teaching methods. The limit of languages to learn here is narrower, however, the course focuses on other aspects like speaking and writing, which are neglected by other programs on the internet. While Babbel is cost-free, there are more advantages when upgrading for $7 a month.

The company promises that every student who takes the course speaks the target language in no time. It uses recognition technology that detects mistakes and gaps in speech. Babbel is actually an online language program created by linguists, hence the approach.

The program provides tools for daily-life communication.


Just Livemocha, Bususu is an online tool to learn languages by speaking with native speakers. The company has connected around 50 million native language users, who also want to get fluent in other languages. Through this program, you can learn languages like Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese. Bususu encourages language exchange.

Nonetheless, the website is clearly inclined toward English learning. It covers the four basic skills that are vital for proper communication, which are speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Bususu pays special attention to pronunciation and grammar. To kick it up a notch, the program offers a trip to an English-speaking country, besides the online program.

Learn A Language

Learn a Language is a program designed by an American institute that helps with language learning through interactive methods and games. Its strategy is straightforward: teach a language while the students have fun learning it. Most of the languages offered on this platform are European, but if you want to learn an Asian language, you can find three available.

It puts emphasis on four language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and understanding, while the understanding approach involves knowledge on other cultures. Learn a Language has built a community, where students can speak, write, and listen to people from other countries who are also in the same learning process.

The website contains a blog to clear up queries.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is not a free option but a service available at a low cost. It covers languages that few people would be interested in, such as Punjabi and Swahili, a popular language from Africa. This is also a communication-based system that helps students and businesses. It is possible to find up to 70 languages on this portal.

To make things much easier, Mango Languages has created an app compatible with Apple and Android. You can also study lessons on your desktop and listen to real-life conversations they have in the collection. As a bonus, Mango Languages has an algorithm that guides you through the process to get fluency step-by-step, and in a smart way.

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