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10 Best Mobile Games

10 Best Mobile Games

If you were wondering what the best mobile game’s with high resolution are for the time being. You must bring up two...

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Description, Details and Modes Cyberpunk 2077 is the new game that pledges to be hard to quit plating when it finally...

Top Games On Epic Games

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Games | 0 comments

Every year, every week, Epic Games Store surprises us with new games and spin-offs of games. Epic Games Store includes information on these new editions plus the installation methods and news. In this article, we are going to touch upon the top epic games on Epic Games Store.

The following are some of the top Epic Games that guarantee the most fun especially for action, drama, and action game lovers.

Civilization VI

4X strategy series put a new spin on the concept of converting a nomadic tribe to a world-dominating superpower. Civilization VI may look familiar except for the new additions that give it levels of depth. It is easy to get absorbed into this game and even more with the new add-ons it has within. But in the end, it is not so different from other war games.

The new add-ons include a new cartography-inspired art style, new colors, and music, as well as other elements related to religion, espionage, civilizations, and warfare. Civilization VI is a more complete title that enables players to build out nations in so many ways that it would sound a bit overwhelming.

In Civ 6, trade routes don’t feel tracked on because it all seems baked in at the very ground level. The game generates maps that can be leveraged to build new roads and pursue more victories.


GTA5 is probably one of the most expected games in 2020. Its free release caused such a sensation that the Epic Game Store just crashed due to excessive downloading. Although the game had been available for Nintendo Switch and mobile people still were waiting for its free version on stream v on Epic Game’s Store.

People who have XBOX 360 may struggle to run GTA 5, so, it is advisable to play it on a new-generation console. Its staying power can be ascribed to the online version’s success, which is loved and loathed. People love this game because of its sandbox.

The onerous grinding and the micro-transactions involved are the most hated part of GTA 5.

GTA 5 is the perfect encapsulation of the modern gaming sphere as it is basically a giant online toybox that can be upgraded with mods. This time, an extraterrestrial gang war emerged in Los Santos.


Death Coming is a non-linear puzzle game in which you harvest souls you got by killing people in the best Final Destination-style as here, you don’t kill people in a traditional way. Death Coming offers a range of themes, scenarios, and a variety of objects to kill and play. Ultimately, you must fight against the Agents of Light who will try to undo your plans to kill.

Additionally, NPCs will have different lives depending on the cities they reside, which you need to decipher to slaughter them effectively. The description on Epic Games Store is thin but sufficient. If you want more insights, you can get them at

Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Crashlands

The Dark Descent is not only one of the best first-person games ever released on Epic Games. But also one of the titles that did most for the horror genre in 2020.

No one can deny about the great success achieved by Amnesia:

The Dark Descent is a terrifying PC game suited to be played with the lights off and headphones on for more enjoyment. It is a fantastic game that leaves your mind pummeled into numbness. If horror’s not your bag of tricks, exclude this game from your wish-lists.

Crashlands, from its end, is an offbeat, funny crafting masterpiece that boasts of an intergalactic delivery driver and a robotic assistant Juicebox. This game is easy to pick up and play and runs on actually all kinds of devices. At first, Crashlands can look fairly basic, but as soon as you start going deeper in the game, many more things will be uncovered.

For the King

‘For the King’ is an RPG game stuffed with charm and whimsy; in fact, many people consider it a gorgeous, bold and bright. The animations are just bright but the game itself doesn’t take them too seriously.

The King is not designed for the faint hearten and story portrays a chaotic world . Which you as a mysterious stranger must keep things straight again.

The world of For the King is beguiling but misleading. The story follows upon a cherished leader who is dead and thrives in a chaotic world. Your mission is to change the reality of that world by putting everything in order. In this game, chaos appears to be the strongest and most malevolent force that intensifies more with the sad demise of squad mates and the lurking of foes.

You’ll become intimately familiar with the opening sequences and the plink-plonk of the minstrel music in the background as you go through the villages and pass throughout the stages. The inaugural combat can be tricky and loaded with numerous systems and menus. Your mission is to get to the Glittering Mines, but before this, all your squad will be slaughtered, leaving you alone.

Just Cause 4 + Wheels of Aurelia

If you are into free games, Just Cause 4 + Wheels of Aurelia immerse you into a road trip through the western Italian coast during the 70’s.

These two freebies double as an open-world calamity simulator that tells the story of Rico Rodriguez, a super-agent who travels to Solis to discover his past.

Just Cause 4 is not deep in story, but in adventure, indeed. It shows Rico Rodriguez ramp a motorcycle and jump to cling onto a helicopter. In the game, Rico does plenty of things like surfing on the roof and flying to safety with his jetpack as you can see Just Cause 4 story plot is not a big deal but a game only focused on adventures and stunts.

The narrative takes somewhat more precedence in Wheels of Aurelia, which tells the story of a woman named Lella who ventures into a trip across Italy in the 70’s.

During those years, Italy was not enduring historically important moments. But the game just tries to highlight the most remarkable events during the 70’s decade. Both titles are fitted out with procedural generated maps, quests and events.

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10 Best Mobile Games
10 Best Mobile Games

If you were wondering what the best mobile game’s with high resolution are for the time being. You must bring up two...

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Description, Details and Modes Cyberpunk 2077 is the new game that pledges to be hard to quit plating when it finally...