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10 Best Mobile Games

by | Oct 30, 2022 | Games | 0 comments

If you were wondering what the best mobile game’s with high resolution are for the time being. You must bring up two currently trendy words in the video game biz, “isolation” and “high resolution”. The truth is that whether you talk about console or cell phone games, refer to effects that were incorporated from 2018 on.

Gone are the days where console games were always above phone games. Now, if you’re going to play HD titles on your Smart phone, be ready for graphics like those of PS3, PS4, and PC.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty or COD is an old legendary game, which has been available for iOS and Android for years. But now it comes with a higher resolution level that stands it out and puts it on the same level with PS3 and PS4. COD has never been underestimated due to its antiquity, but there’s no doubt it is alwsys a success every time it comes out to the Marketplace.

The mobile version of Call of Duty is among the best game’s with high resolutions because, besides its amazing resolution, it offers a unique twist that kicks it up a noch on the game-play.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: (new stage: Legends) is another game available for iOS and Android. We’ve just talked about a popular game like COD, but Asphalt 9 is apparently more than that, as it is considered a ‘super popular’ game. Due to its high level of graphics, it is advisable to have quite a cutting-edge smartphone that runs it properly. Certainly, the game looks real but it is not realistic. In this title, car fly, flip, and the steering wheel is an intuitive thing.


Well, this is a game for those who are down to board games that involve rolling dices. What makes Arcane Quest HD different from other dice-rolling games is that this is an RPG title played with 3D HD graphics. Perhaps, this is an exaggeration for an board game, but it is valuable.


Although few people like History classes, there’s no doubt that every time a Rome-themed game is launched, many people buy it or install it on their devices. Why? Probably because of the blood, sound, and the plot in which all plays out. This title maintains the same God of War’s gaming style allowing fights in HD with Blade style. And again, like many other Greco-roman themed games, you’re a gladiator who fights to gain power, get more weapons, and steal gold.

Endless Nightmare

Not all scary movie players would shy away from creepy games like Endless Nightmare. This is the type of game you cannot consider scary but dramatic and suspenseful. What most attracts about this game is the environment, where a terrible event took place and you have to investigate it.

The Gardens Between

Just like the Arcane Quest HD, this puzzle game would not sound like a great option to convert it into HD graphic title, but this is why it is part of this list. The Gardens Between is a puzzle game that was added new graphics. Besides the resolution, it displays puzzles that are smarter than you would think. The game is cheap, and once you pay the monthly 5-dollar fee, there are no ads to deal with anymore.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS

Of this list, Dead Trigger 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter FPS is one of the game’s with the best resolutions. Unlike the previous title, the Gardens Between, which is much simpler, this game is free and offers a much more interesting plot, although it is a little repetitive with the zombie and plague thing all over. In Dead Trigger 2, a terrible plague has spread around the world and humans have to fight it.

Black Desert Mobile

Some people love the way graphics displayed in fights and motion, and this is what Black Desert Mobile does. Other than the fact that fights occur throughout the game, the effects in them make them better regardless of the enemies involved.

Black Dessert Mobile provides players with the option to choose different types of machines for killing like flame throwers and a variety of skills that boost fun. The more experience you gain, the more skills you obtain throughout the game. In Black Desert, you start with nothing, and then you begin to collect as many skills as you can along the way.


Probably, you have never Heard about this game previously, but it is worth playing. In Mindcell, the main character fights to attain freedome, otherwise he’ll become a guinea pig. Unlike other games about human and animal experiments, experimental subjects in Mindcell do not lead to a desirable resulto or créate humans, and the protagonist knows it.

But to get freedom, you are tested through a lot of things that are not easy. The game is pretty much like same themed titles for consoles. In each stage to go through, you need to defeat a variety of enemies and bosses that try to quench your thirst for liberty.

Mindcell offers action in every stage, so be prepared to push buttons and get absorbed with its high level of immersion.

The game is almost free for iOS devices ($1) but playing on Android is four times more expensive.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Iron Blade is a game of those where you put an armour on and start beheading monsters with blades. It is not played in first person but the effects in every strike or attack are splendid. Not only do you kill monsters, but you also slaughter knights that on your way. Iron Blade reached the zenit of popularity in 2018, when its graphics got more attractive and became more stable than the the other game’s of this sort.

At first, you would think you would only see the same environments filled with castles and snow, but this is not true. The environments and their elements change without stopping being from Medieval times.